Yasmina Diallo shows us a wonderful intersection where feminism gets messy

Most days, how I dress is definitely more about utility than aesthetics. My style isn’t usually bold, or flashy, or even particularly coordinated. …

A remarkable portrayal of England’s witchhunts and a nuanced representation of womanhood

It is easy to paint the world in black and white. Even the most well-meaning among us do it to conceptualise the world in ways that are easier to understand. It is hard to combine this simplified way of thinking with the increasing importance of intersectional thinking. A.K. …

There’s no need to wait for the stage to bring you a diverse range of enlightening drama

Drama is such a wonderful branch of literature. It brings our most beloved stories to life in front of our eyes, whereas the novel must undergo years of adaptation to make it to the stage or the screen. Unfortunately, for the past year, we have been starved of great performances…

Women are overly sexualised and blamed for their relationship with their fathers, we need to ask why.

Britain And Abuse

The British Office for National Statistics has indeed revealed an increase in reports of domestic abuse since the first lockdown started last March. The Centre for Women’s Justice also reported a 49% increase in calls to domestic abuse helplines. …

A refreshingly human and down-to-earth journey through global feminism, with a truly remarkable author

Typewriter with sheet of paper sticking out, reading “female empowerment” in capital letters

Who’s Afraid of Isabel Allende?

Isabel Allende is a Chilean-American author whose life is nothing short of a rollercoaster. …

How wealth and inheritance wreaks havoc in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights

Kate Bush really mis-sold Wuthering Heights in her whimsy 1970s song of the same name. …

Elizabeth Sorrell

South London-based freelance writer, focusing on literature, theatre, and opinion pieces.

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